Shivganga Yatra 2020

In February 2020 (Wed Feb 19th to Thur 20th Feb 2020), we are doing a unique one day mountain or Parvat Yatra. We are walking from Ganga Dhara to Lopinot covering 20 kilometers. This Yatra promises to be an amazing, uplifting and transforming experience as we are walking within the lap of mother nature in the beautiful, scenic and peaceful Northern Range.

Yatris are going up to Gangadhara on Wed 19th February afternoon and spending the night. Shiv puja will be at 4am on the morning of Thursday 20th February 2020. The yatra will start at 530 am and finish at approximately 11am. Shiv puja will follow and Ganga Jala would be offered during the puja.  A light lunch would be provided.

Yatris should  register online at the CMTT website. Further Yatra details are in the Yatra booklet on the CMTT website.

Yatra, known locally as teerath, is an age old tradition as ancient as the vedas. A tirtha (teerath) is actually a holy place for pilgrimage; a place which sanctifies and purifies the land. Yatra has always been practiced in Trinidad and Tobago but the Shivganga Maha Yatra in 2015 was the first of its kind where Yatris carried the purifying Ganga Jala across the mother land of Trinidad and Tobago and not surprisingly, the idea for this type sadhana came from none other than our grandmother land of India; in India, yatris carry Ganga jala from Ma Ganga all across India to Rameshwaram for offering to Lord Shiva.

In 2015, Yatris walked from Ganga dhara to Patiram trace temple in penal over five days. In 2016 from Ganga dhara to Manzanilla over three days. In 2017 to Heights of Aripo over two days. In 2018 we again walked from Ganga Dhara to Patiram trace. In 2019 we walked from Ganga dhara to Temple in the Sea.

The Ganga Jala represents the wisdom of the scriptures given by the Sat Guru (Lord Trininaada- form of Lord Shiva) and as we walk the path of life (symbolised by the Yatra) living this wisdom, we would come to experience our own self effulgent divinity (represented by the Svayambhu lingam form of Lord Patirama) in the bliss of God Realisation. With this understanding, Yatris embarked on this life changing journey to the soul as they walked an average of six hours daily (4am to 10am), observing maunam (silence) and doing the internal japa and dhyana of Lord Shiva.

And as stated by Swami Prakshananda, head of Chinmaya Mission Trinidad and Tobago and spiritual lead for the Shivganga Maha Yatra:

Jalena Gangādhārāyāḥ

Patirāmaśivāya Bho

Padayātrā yaskaroti

Pūrṇam tasya tat jȋvanam

Whoever completes this foot yatra (shivganga maha yatra) with water from Gangadhara for Patirama Shiva; his life is completely fulfilled.

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 Yatra 2020 Booklet