About the Vidyalaya

CHINMAYA VIDYALAYA Trinidad and Tobago is a holistic educational institution encompassing preschool, primary and secondary school education throughout Trinidad.  It provides seamless Education With a Difference. The Institution was established in September 2003 by Chinmaya Mission Trinidad and Tobago Inc., for local and international students.

The driving force behind the establishment of the institution was the recognition of the inadequacies in the public education system, and an earnest desire to develop the academic potential as well as the morals and values required for individual and societal uplift in children.  The environment in many schools is not conducive to learning, with a preponderance of violence, crime, drugs and other activities hindering the growth of students during the most impressionable stages of their lives.

At the Vidyalaya, we see that in a growing child, individuality is a process of unfoldment over many years. Stage by stage, a child’s awareness and understanding capacities develop. As the child becomes more aware of the world, he moves gradually from the dim consciousness of infancy, through the dreamy days of childhood, to the intellectual awareness of adolescence and then beyond to the rigorous demands of adulthood. Chinmaya Vidyalaya provides a unique forum for this awakening process in its healthiest form.

The integrated development of the child is the focal point of the academic curriculum. Our intense monitoring and assessment systems together with remediation programmes ensure high academic achievement across the curriculum.

Children are exposed to the right kind of educational experiences from the start, and through careful nurturing at every stage emerge into the world as young men and women of moral strength. They are then ready to tackle the myriad challenges of modern life with a firm, clear gaze and a ready stance. Chinmaya Vidyalaya moulds leaders for the future, who seek the welfare of their society and the greater global community before their own needs.

Jnanam eva vishisyate – Knowledge surpasses everything
Education sans religion and philosophy is but a technical training that may bring out trained hands, but not educated men, who alone can count in the rediscovery of a nation.
— Swami Chinmayananda